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Article 1. Protection of privacy and treatment of personal dataRead >>

MYFUTURELOVES respectes the European, Spanish and Swiss laws in force regarding the protection of privacy and personal data processing. Some information, signs or content (photographs or personal information) that Members can enter, under their own responsibility, might reveal their racial and ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, membership to political parties, trade unions, religious, philosophical, political, trade union associations or organizations as well as personal information such as their health conditions or sexual life. By entering such optional information at their own free will, the Member expresses consent to MYFUTURELOVES to process such "sensitive" data and takes the whole responsibility.
Furthermore, all the collected personal information (including, by way of example and not limited to: email address, telephone and mobile number, text ads, user's interests and how the user uses the Service), will be used both for internal communications, regarding the services offered by MYFUTURELOVES for commercial communications, and marketing communications by MYFUTURELOVES’s partner companies.

Members can send an e-mail to for matters concerning privacy protection. The user must specify his/her nickname, password and e-mail address to access or request access to information about him/her, to make changes, delete it or prohibit MYFUTURELOVES from using it in a certain way, following the directions given in article 1.5 ("Person in charge of the personal data processing of") During sign-up or at a subsequent moment at MYFUTURELOVES site, Members can request to receive and, later on, freely ask to not receive anymore the MYFUTURELOVES newsletter and/or promotional offers sent by MYFUTURELOVES and/or its partners by email and/or to their mobile phone.

1.1. Type of the information collectedRead >>

The personal information gathered by MYFUTURELOVES may include email addresses, landline and/or mobile telephone numbers, information about one's physical aspect, photographs, personal ads, user's interests and how users enjoy the Service.
Furthermore, some non-personal information can be collected, such as the browser version (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.), operating system used by the user (Windows 98, Mac OS, etc) and the IP address of the computer used. MYFUTURELOVES can use cookies whose purpose is to save the Member's identification information while visiting MYFUTURELOVES, to prevent the Member from having to enter them manually for every page visited. Members can prevent the use of cookies any time they want by changing their Internet browser options.
By sending or entering any personal information at MYFUTURELOVES site, the user accepts the methods and purposes of the processing and expresses his/her consent for their use according to the provisions of this article.
MYFUTURELOVES gathers personal information sent voluntarily by its users at the MYFUTURELOVES web site and binds itself not to divulge the personal information in any way.

During the sign-up procedure to join MYFUTURELOVES network, one's nicknames, email addresses, sex, birthdate and telephone numbers are saved.
If further personal information is saved in the profile, MYFUTURELOVES collects that information as well.
If personal information is entered using one of the functions of MYFUTURELOVES network, that information is stored under the file ("published information").
If the user contacts MYFUTURELOVES by email, the email address and the information contained in the message will be stored.

After signing up for MYFUTURELOVES and accessing the services, the user is no longer anonymous. If someone visits the Website without signing up for MYFUTURELOVES, that user will be anonymous. If further information will be available in the personal Information section, it will be also collected using adequate technology.

This website uses Google Analytics, a service of web analysis provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses some "cookies", which are text files stored in your computer, to allow the website, analyze how users use the website. The outcome of these cookies, on how the website is used by you (including your IP address), will be transmitted and stored at the US Google server. Google will use this information to track and examine your website usage, fill in reports on the website activity for the website's operators and supply other services related to the website's activity and to the Internet usage. Google may transmit this information to third parties, where required by the law, or in case these third parties treat the data on behalf of Google. Google will never link your IP address to any other data owned by Google. You may refuse to use the cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, but this might prevent you from using all the features of this website. By using this website, you agree to your data being processed by Google in the manner and for the purposes set out above.

1.2. Contents divulgated by the MembersRead >>

Members bear the exclusive responsibility regarding the contents, such as, pictures, profiles, messages published or broadcast at MYFUTURELOVES site. By publishing or broadcasting such content at MYFUTURELOVES site, members authorize MYFUTURELOVES expressly to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, convert into digital format, extract completely or partially such content for any advertisement, marketing or any other purpose, to grant or authorize subcontracts, at MYFUTURELOVES site or any other partner channel of the site, on any support or by any broadcasting means, especially digital means (email, SMS, Internet, CD-Rom or DVD-Rom) or audio-visual communication (press, radio, terrestrial, digital, cable or satellite television.) The Member expressly authorizes MYFUTURELOVES to change the above-mentioned content in order to render it compliant with the graphic aspect of MYFUTURELOVES site or other communication supports mentioned above and/or to make them compatible with the corresponding technical services or formats of the supports involved. The Member cannot copy, reproduce or use the content regarding other Members in any way, unless it is strictly related to Services use for personal and private purposes.
Members and/or users are banned from publishing or broadcasting content that may violate third-party's intellectual property rights at the site or through MYFUTURELOVES's services by any means.

1.3. Who can access that informationRead >>

Personal data is processed exclusively electronically and is handled using a computer-based authentication system. User's information is archived on protected databases and can be accessed only by those in charge of handling them and in case of necessity only.
Personal information provided by the user during sign-up, which is not a part of his/her personal ads or of his/her presentation, is not accessible to third parties; nor will it be transmitted, sold or exchanged, except for the below mentioned cases only after having informed and received the user's consent or in case the user has not expressed any objection with its regards.
During sign-up, the user expresses his/her consent to communicate his/her data to MYFUTURELOVES's partners for marketing or commerical purposes. In case the user doesn't want to receive any longer offers selected for him/her by MYFUTURELOVES or from its partners, he/she can terminate his/her subscription at any time, also at a future moment, in his/her personal profile under the section: my account/email services.
Sometimes MYFUTURELOVES can give general, social-demographic information to some of its partners anonymously to conduct statistical studies and/or promotional surveys (for age groups, sex, etc). In those cases, it is not sent any information that could be used to identify individual users.
Contents published by members in their personal ads, search criteria and presentation are accessible at MYFUTURELOVES site and by email (newsletter). Furthermore, this information can be broadcasted by MYFUTURELOVES or MYFUTURELOVES's partners through the newsletters, other web sites, any electronic means of communication (email, SMS, etc), by audio-visual means (radio, television, etc.) or press (newspapers, magazines, etc).

Please refer to the provisions of art. 5 "Intellectual property" for anything related to contents intellectual property rights. Members have the right to delete such content from the site at any time by terminating their contract with MYFUTURELOVES, according to the provisions of art. 5 of the terms and conditions: "Termination of contract and profile removal". Since it concerns information available in the announcement, in the research criteria and in the Member's presentation, the data will be definitively deleted only after the next update or after the next modification of the communication means (printed, audiovisual or digital) which include the Member's contents.
Ai sensi della legge applicabile sulla protezione dei dati nell'Area Economica Europea (EEA), il controllore dei dati del sito web MYFUTURELOVES è TEKKA DIGITAL SAcon sede in Via Balestra 12, 6900 Lugano, Svizzera (fax: +41 91 604 6487)
L'iscritto autorizza esplicitamente TEKKA DIGITAL SA a trasferire le informazioni fornite a MYFUTURELOVES e i vantaggi dei diritti summenzionati ai partner e successori di MYFUTURELOVES.

1.4. Finalitá del trattamento dei datiRead >>

MYFUTURELOVES raccoglie informazioni e dati in diversi modi ed occasioni. Alcune informazioni personali vengono raccolte quando ti registri a MYFUTURELOVES, altre quando usufruisci dei servizi di MYFUTURELOVES o quando partecipi ad ogni altro suo programma che ti permette di usufruire dei servizi in modo personalizzato e di partecipare alle varie iniziative di MYFUTURELOVES. Queste informazioni ci permettono di adeguare il servizio o il sito alle necessitá dell'Iscritto e di inviargli informazioni, offerte, messaggi promozionali riguardo a servizi e prodotti che lo possono interessare. L'Iscritto riceverá queste informazioni solo se abbia espressamente indicato di essere interessato. In ogni momento l'Iscritto potrá revocare il suo consenso, modificando le sue impostazioni personali di MYFUTURELOVES.
MYFUTURELOVES inoltre, per poter offrire i suoi servizi e gestire i diversi sistemi di pagamento, compresi l'eventuale addebito di beni o servizi acquistati on line, tratta i dati dell'Iscritto per i seguenti scopi: per finalitá connesse agli obblighi previsti da leggi, da regolamenti e dalla normativa svizzera, comunitaria ed italiana nonché da disposizioni impartite dalle Autoritá competenti (ad esempio: indagini della magistratura o delle forze dell'ordine, registrazioni di natura contabile e fiscale, ecc.); per adempiere ad obblighi contrattuali, di supporto ed informazione tecnica, di assistenza post vendita. Per la fatturazione/addebito degli importi, l'evasione degli ordini e per altre necessitá che coinvolgano altri soggetti (come per esempio la spedizione di comunicazioni postali).

1.5. Titolare del trattamento dei dati personaliRead >>

Il titolare del Trattamento é la societá TEKKA DIGITAL SA, erogatrice del servizio MYFUTURELOVES, con sede in Via Balestra 12, 6900 Lugano, Svizzera (fax: +41 91 604 6487). I dati ed il sito, sono custoditi presso la sede del Titolare del trattamento dei dati.
The Member can contact at any time, by sending an email to the Support, to the Person in charge of data processing, in order to obtain a confirmation whether there exists personal data related to him/her, even if he/she has not signed up to become a member yet and have them communicated in an intelligible way.
L'iscritto ha altresí diritto di chiedere al Titolare la cancellazione (distruzione senza possibilitá di ripristino), la trasformazione in forma anonima (mutamento del dato in forma anonima) o il blocco del trattamento (conservazione con sospensione temporanea di ogni forma di trattamento) dei dati personali.
L'Iscritto ha diritto di opporsi, in tutto o in parte, per motivi legittimi al trattamento dei dati personali che lo riguardano, ancorché pertinenti allo scopo della raccolta, al trattamento dei dati personali che lo riguardano a fini di invio di materiale pubblicitario o di vendita diretta o per compimento di ricerche di mercato o di comunicazione commerciale.

1.6. Cookie PolicyRead >>

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